OpenText Core for Your Industry


Whether it is faculty and staff sharing and collaborating on a project, distributing the course curriculum for students, or editing and working on files for a major research project, OpenText Core delivers. Access to everything, anytime, anywhere and any device for everyone that needs it.


Music and Entertainment

Your better way of collaborating with creative teams starts here. OpenText Core lets everyone – from artists and producers, to managers and back office stakeholders like accountants and attorneys – focus less on how to get things from where they are to where they need to be and more on creating awesome stuff.


What’s more is that OpenText Core provides a full audit trail, so project leads can easily keep track of who did what, when, and why with any creative asset (recordings/masters, imagery, contracts, legal documents, etc.).  In short, leaked albums, lost documents, and other missteps will never be your problem again.



Legal professionals need anytime, anywhere, any-device access to make things easier and let them work together the way they want to work. Getting the right files into the right hands, easily and securely is critical to getting things done fast and right.

Attorneys: Share files, evidence, and depositions with clients, expert witnesses, outside counsel and court officials.

Outside Counsel: Collaborate on and submit files for review with co-counsel securely and easily.

Clients: Simply share requisite case files without the need to courier or mail. Review and comment on billing and case-related matters.

Paralegals and Administrative Staff: Easily distribute dockets, upload redline docs, and collaborate with accounting.



Financial Services

Investment firms and other financial institutions can take advantage of the fast, simple and secure file sharing and collaboration that OpenText Core provides. Communicating and collaborating with branches, customers, and key clients in the way they want to work is key to delivering the exceptional experience they deserve.

High Net Worth Clients: Delivering pitch books by email or courier is not the most expedient way to get an HNW customer on board. By sharing a pitch book via OpenText Core, your client will easily and quickly be able to review and comment on the file on any device, anywhere, anytime - just the way they want.

Branch Managers, Tellers and Staff: No more shipping posters and pamphlets or procedure changes via mail. OpenText Core lets you quickly upload and share marketing materials and signage for local branches to print, communicate changes in procedures and policies, and promote new incentive programs without having to send out mailers or coordinate email blasts.

Deal Book Management: For advisors and professional services consultancies, OpenText Core can simplify mergers and acquisitions by making it simple to share and collaborate on all the deal files. From exploratory work, to due diligence and all the steps required to get the deal done, OpenText Core takes the complexity out of a typically cumbersome process.



From marketing asset distribution to procedure and policy announcements, and store performance reports, to field enablement , OpenText Core can help accelerate and simplify processes.

Store/Unit: Easily distribute programmatic marketing campaign materials for local printing to save costs, upload and share procedural documents, provide new employee on-boarding files, and more.

Distribution: Quickly notify vendors of order changes, handle disputes, and provide details on program and performance bonuses for drivers.

Management: Share and collaborate around division and regional performance, brainstorm on campaigns with marketing and third-party agencies, share images and files for review and more.



Energy and Utilities

Energy and resources companies are under tremendous pressure to minimize operating expenses, improve operational excellence and responsibly extract the maximum value from their resources.


Digital disruption is happening in a number of industries including energy, oil and gas and utilities. OpenText Core gives a perfect, cloud-based digital platform that helps energy and utility enterprises become digital leaders with significant competitive advantage.


Create a new virtual office for all your employees with OpenText Core that allows you to securely share and store information assets (from legacy systems or new projects) in the cloud. Whether it is your internal teams or a mix of contractors, vendors and other third parties, OpenText Core lets you provide access from anywhere and on any device.

OpenText Core for Your Team

Marketing Departments and Agencies

Securely managing digital media, copy and other assets – whether it is with internal stakeholders from across the business or a combination of creative talent, clients and external agencies and freelancers – is critical to project success.

Work Better Together with OpenText Core

Secure, simple and smart file sharing and collaboration in the cloud.